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Nutrition Information

Balanced Meal is on Our Menu Too!

The ABCs of eating right and living right!

Active Lifestyle

Put your Mount Everest plans and Olympic tryouts on hold. By "active lifestyle", all we mean is at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Want to workout in a gym? Good. Climbing stairs and taking strolls? No problem! Any physical exertion that makes you sweat a little will do a lot for your health.

Balanced Diet

Variety is the spice of life. It's also the key to a balanced diet. Eating different types of food is the best way to get all 'em nutrients. Have at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Eat meat, fish and eggs regularly. Plus, include breads, cereals and dairy products with each meal. And whatever you eat, relish every bite: eating too fast makes you feel hungry shortly after a meal, you might snack all day long.

Controlled Eating

Willpower isn't the only thing you need to control your weight. You also need to know how much your ideal daily energy allowance is. Your age, gender and fitness level will determine your allowance.

Energy for a day*, kcal

Energy for a meal, kcal

(35-40% of the energy for a day)


(age 18 to 60)

2500 - 3000 kcal
950 to 1140

(age 18 to 60)

2700 kcal
760 to 950 kcal

(age 14 to 18)

2400 to
3400 kcal
912 to 1292 kcal

(age 6 to 13)

1400 to
2500 kcal
532 to 950 kcal

*For people with moderate physical activity and average weight

... and if you're smart about food choices,
than there can still be room for the occasional treat!

Balanced Meals Served Fresh at Your Table.

Our pizzas are our pride! That’s why we at Pizza Hut use only the freshest and tastiest ingredients to give you equal slices of delight and natural goodness.

Nothing But the Best for you!

Our Quality Assurance Team defends our high standards harder than any Italian football squad. To be a Pizza Hut supplier means passing a very rigorous selection process, and undergoing regular thorough checks. All to ensure you savor a natural, fresh and simply delicious experience every time.

Going the Extra Mile for safety

For your satisfaction and health, Pizza Hut doesn’t take any shortcuts. That’s why we strictly follow all global and governmental safety standards when moving foodstuffs from our suppliers to our restaurants.

On-The-Spot Freshness

From preparing the dough to slicing and dicing the ingredients, our highly skilled team members make all our pizzas on the spot. That’s why anything you order couldn’t be fresher than it already is.

Your are what you eat. So Eat Sensibly

Tasty and healthy!

Fun food can be fit food! That’s why Pizza Hut offers you a variety of choices for a balanced meal. From veggies to proteins, complex carbs to the “good fats”, our menu includes the nutrients you need, all with the tastes you love! And when you eat just enough and exercise every now and then, pizzas can still be part of your healthy eating habit.

Topped with health too!

Keys to a balanced meal

Did you know there’s more to tasty fun in every Pizza Hut slice? You also enjoy a balanced meal thanks to our pizzas’ nutrients: complex carbohydrates in the dough; calcium and proteins in its cheese, meat or fish toppings; and fibers and vitamins with its veggies.

10 Nutrition Facts

Since your health is as important to Pizza Hut as your satisfaction, we encourage you to know more about our nutritional values so you can choose smartly and healthily.

  • A complete meal, pizza contains elements of each of the 5 main food groups.

  • Our expert dough masters come early in the morning to ensure that customers get the freshest dough possible.

  • Our vegetable toppings offer an array of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

  • Our pizzas are rich in energy-boosting complex carbohydrates to fuel your body and brain throughout the day.

  • Our salad bar offers a rich mix of nutritious veggies and seasonings.

  • Two slices of a Super Supreme Pizza help meet your daily protein (meat, poultry or seafood) needs.

  • Our cheese is a source of calcium, vitamins C and D for healthy bones.

  • Our pizzas and pastas contain essential vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium.

  • We serve only 100% pure halal beef and chicken using 100% vegetable oil.

  • Great tasting and made for sharing!