Contactless delivery

All of our deliveries are now completely contactless for your safety and that of our riders.

How it works

  • 1.Your rider will ring the bell then step away.
  • 2.They will place your order on a safe, sanitized mini-stool.
  • 3. Our rider keeps a safe distance from your home entrance while you collect your pizza.
  • 4. Enjoy your delicious order knowing it’s been delivered to you safely.


If you were to pay in cash, please keep exact amount ready.

If change is required our riders are instructed to keep their distance.

Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the love of pizza at home.

Trust in every bite.

In light of recent events with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we’d like to keep you informed of the steps we’ve taken at Pizza Hut in partnership with the government to assure you that our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers

Safety Covered

Each employee washes their hands and uses quality sanitizers every 30 minutes.

Each employee undergoes regular temperature checks for their safety and that of everyone they come into contact with.

Preparation Covered

All kitchen surfaces, ovens, storage & dining facilities are scrubbed and washed with high-grade anti-bacterial disinfectants.

Our ingredients come from approved sources that are washed and sanitized before use.

All of our pizzas are cooked at the highest temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which eliminates all bacteria and viruses.

Delivery Covered

All Pizza Hut delivery bags are washed and cleaned thoroughly, whilst our built-in heat pads keep your meal hot and safe to enjoy. Our contactless delivery service is available for all orders, and we recommend online and cashless payments to ensure minimum contact.

How Contactless Delivery Works

  • 1. Select a delicious order.
  • 2. Your food is placed in our specialized delivery pouch that protects it from contamination.
  • 3. You can pick up your order from a sanitized stool that is set a safe distance from your driver.
  • 4. If you are paying with cash, place exact change (where possible) on the stool for our driver.
  • 5. Enjoy tasty pizza and food cooked at the highest temperatures that eliminate any bacterial and viruses.

So, the next time you order, remember: safety covered, preparation covered, delivery covered, from our family to yours.

Pizza Hut, enjoy trust in every bite.